30 days free trial, later, priced in terms of your account's computing usage

After trial ended, you can monitor your account cost realtime. Typical usage costs abouts ₹300 - ₹500 per month.

Apart from the usage cost, cost of apps purchased from the store will be added.



₹6.67 /hour

Minimum Quantity 1 hour/month
Typical usage 15 - 20 hours/month


₹3.33 /unit

Minimum Quantity 30 units/month
Typical usage 25 - 35 units/month


₹25.0 /GB


₹25.0 /GB


Minimum Quantity 1GB in a month
Typical usage 0.7GB - 1.3GB


₹30.0 /GB

Minimum Quantity 1GB
Typical usage 0.3 - 0.7GB in the early days


What is processing time, how is it calculated?

Processing time is the amount of time the apps uses the processor. The apps would be mostly idle waiting for your action, and would use the processor only when there is some action.
In other words, this is the time duration during which your apps are active and running.

What is memory units, how is it calculated?

1 memory unit denotes 1GB of memory(RAM) used by all your apps across a day. For example, if your apps took 0.8GB of memory and are runnig for 10 days, it means you have consumed 8 (0.8 X 10) units of memory.

What is Internet data?

The is the data you would transact with your business account over the internet
Upload - denotes the data that you had sent to your business account, like uploading an image or file.
Download - denotes the data that your business account sends to you on your request.

What is Storage?

The data stored by all your apps. We replicate each and every byte of this data three time for data safety. So for every 1GB of data storage reported, we would have 3GB of disk usage at our premises.

Are there any other cost?

If at all you have bought or licensed any app from our app store, the cost of the same would add up. In case you have used only free apps, you wouldn't incur this.
Apart from these, you might incur the service tax when applicable. As per Indian law, GST is charged at 18% for this service. If you are in India, you can avail input tax credit on the tax amount that you had paid.
Otherwise, there are no other open or hidden costs.

Can I track my cost anywhere during my usage?

Yes, you can. You can track your charges realtime from your accounts page. You can also track from our mobile app.
You can see how much of each resource you have consumed at that instant and also the costs thus far.

What is the billing cycle?

Typical billing cycle starts from the 1st of a month till the last day of that month. If your trial period ends on say, 20th, then the first billing cycle would be from the 20th till the end of that month. From the second billing cycle onwards, it would be from the 1st till the end.

How can I pay?

You can pay from your accounts page. You can also pay through our mobile app.
You can pay with your credit/debit cards or through Internet Banking.

How long can I have the free trial?

Trial period for each of your business account is minimum 30 days of live usage. Say you had added a business account on the 2nd of October and had stopped your business account for some reason on 16th October and started again only on 26th October, your trial period will not end on 3rd November as you had stopped for about 10 days. In this case, your trial period ends on 13th November.
Each and every business account added by you is entitled for a free 30 day trial.

Will the usage during my trial period accounted in my first billing cycle?

No, what you have used during the trial period are on us. When your trial period ends, you will be notified, and the usage for the first billing cycle will be measured only from that instant.

Do you charge extra if I want my business account server to work in my own domain name?

No, we do not charge any amount if you are using your domain name. Infact, we give you free SSL certificates so that when your business server is accessed with your domain name, it works in https automatically.

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